Thursday, January 27, 2011


A journal entry:

I forgot to write in my journal yesterday. Baaaaad, baaaaaaad me L. But essentially I spent my Wednesday waiting for the GAME OF THE CENTURY to start. First an hour in line outside the basketball arena and then another two hours before the game BUT EVERY MOMENT WAS SOOOOO WORTH IT. And all things considered I really got the best seats for the least amount of work.

This game authorities required that you have got a wristband the day before and, instead of waiting in line for three hours for said wristband, I came three minutes before they stopped handing them out and was number 3871 in line as opposed to Sterling Williams and Greg Pagel, who waited the three hours and were number 700 something in line. But guess who we snuck in with? That’s right, Amelia and I just jumped right into line with Greg and Sterling and strutted into the Marriot Center like we had no manners.

So game of the century you ask? BYU ranked 9th. SDSU ranked 3rd. Jimmer scored 43 points. Cougars had NINE, count them, NINE steals. BYU 71, SDSU 58. The first three quarters of the game were nail-biting close but somewhere in the second half SDSU lost it and couldn’t get it back. It was probably the Jimmer Shimmer, or perhaps the Fredette Roulette. In other words I CAN NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT JIMMER FREDETTE. Afterward BYU fans stormed the court but I just sat there like a grinning idiot. Great game, boys.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why isn't love more public?

My Organic Chemistry TA came back from the three-day weekend MARRIED. I could have cried. I mean you think an engagement would merit an announcement or something.

This means that out of my 6 or so TAs only ONE is not married and she's a girl! I know what you're thinking to could this happen to such a nice and lovable girl like me??? The truth is I don't understand it either. Amelia says: "Whitney, you don't have to always date your TAs..." Yeah I get that, but if I had a choice between dating and not dating my TAs I would OBVIOUSLY choose to date them. And don't try to twist this into something it is not. I'm not going for some sort of grade boost, just for love. There is some sort of inexplicable attractive aura to a man of authority and knowledge.

But anyway, that's hardly my point. The point is: why don't men wear engagement rings?!

I considered putting up a picture of them together but decided
that was definitely crossing the line into creephood. So enjoy this
ladybug instead.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Obligatory New Years Post

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!!! So it's a few days late...but don't get your panties in a bunch; I still have 352 days to make and break my resolutions :)

1. Write in my (non-existent) journal at least once a week.

2. STOP BUYING SHOES. 2010 alone involved 7 new pairs....

3. Read scriptures in the morning. Yes, I too am a victim of late-night sleepiness. Not usually a huge problem except when my spiritual cup still needs filling. One of these days I'll wrestle myself out of bed BEFORE class starts.

4. Read. Not romantic fiction, not science fiction, not any fiction. Since high school I've turned into quite the binge reader. If I do read, it's mounds of crap literature that I can just tell is turning my arteries to lard. In honor of Jerusalem, I am reforming my ways and turning to non-fiction literature on middle eastern culture and conflict.

5. Delete my facebook...eventually. Don't get me wrong, it's been real. I'll never forget vague status updates, countless hours spent stalking, or my fair share of made-possible-by-fb dates. To the best wingman ever: cheers! I'll miss ya!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mo Mo

Here is something nice to look at:


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little something I like to call GENES

Alexa and I play this game called Most Used Phrase. It involves us picking everyone's most said phrases for the break and the type of laughter that competes with normal breathing. Ok, so it's not a game per say but it sure keeps us entertained.
Mina: I'm a towel, I'm a towel, I'm a towel...SHAMONA!
Alexa: *in a deep, husky voice* I'm not a covergirl, I'm a backpage girl!
Dad:*cracks joke. no one gets it. no one laughs. conversation continues on. Mom laughs 3 mins later.*
Amanda:*cracks joke. no one gets it. no one laughs. conversation continues on.*
Mom: GIRLS!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby It's Cold Out There

There are really only 3 reasons for cold weather: making paper snowflake decorations, drinking hot chocolate, and ice skating. To the least desirable season: thanks for bringing me some joy :)