Monday, October 31, 2011

Unda' The Sea

Snorkeling in the Red Sea opened me to a whole new underwater world. Never knew what my life was missing all these years and now I know that it was a snorkel. Finding Nemo, here I come.

Yes, Moses did part this shiz . . . ok, OK that actually was the Reed Sea but a girl can dream.

Supposedly this is the 2nd best snorkel spot in THE WHOLE WORLD. Or so my roommate's travel book says, and I absolutely believe everything I read in a travel book.

Sailing is next on my list of 'things to discover'. Just call me Ferdinand Magellan.

If I had an underwater camera this blog would be PLASTERED with pictures of Dorys and Nemos and various marine wildlife but instead all you get are these pictures of me and friends. At least we're really good at taking pictures.

These are going in my portfolio. Call me if you need a swimsuit model and my secretary will schedule you in.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Saturday Stroll

So we have Sabbath on Saturday. I throws my whole week off. In writing this blog I had to correct my use of Sunday three times. In any case, what I meant to say is Saturday is our Sabbath but after a whole week of classes no one wants to stay in the center all day, so we usually take a little Saturday stroll to one of my two favorite places. Plus the no-lunch-on-Sabbath policy is a little extra incentive to get out and forget my ravenous stomach. Saturdays are hard for me guys.

Number one is...the garden tomb! Though this might not be anywhere near where gur Good Lord was buried it's just such a beautiful spot to sit and think about the Atonement and Resurrection.

"He is not here for he is risen" - written on the door of the tomb.
Sometimes it's good to switch it up though so my other fav haunt is the Garden of Gethsemane. The actual garden is all fenced off and tourist-y and there is this huge church right in the middle of it. Lucky for us right across the street there is a smaller gated garden perfect for small groups trying to avoid tourists.

People sometimes put prayers into the olive trees. This isn't the Western Wall, people.

So recap: Garden Tomb or Garden of Gethsemane ere' Sabbath. NBD.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Millie

Today my (ex) roommate got herself hitched! I figure now that she's married I can finally post all the creeper phone pictures I've been dying to put up. Don't hate me Mela!

Amelia I am soooo happy for you and excited for your new life. Now that I know where you'll be living expect me to show up everyday next semester to hang out with you and hubby. It'll never get old. Promise. Love you tootsie!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh hey, Tel Aviv, haaaaaaay!

Sunday day trip to Tel Aviv (September 15th 2011)!

Tel Aviv is like the Miami of Israel. Super liberal and extra pruuuuutty beaches.

Look Mom! I'm doing all my homework!

Jaffa, where Jonah was eaten by a whale.

I'm happy. God is good. I miss you all!

PS If you texted me because I begged you too and then I never replied, it's because I never received it. Better just email me! Saaawy!