Sunday, June 12, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


- Accidently taking two pieces of the sacrament. I ended up eating one then just staring at the other one in my hand. Double dose of sacrament never hurt anyone, right?
- Not having to go to work on Sunday because the lady I was supposed to see died. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
- Coworker after coworker telling me I look like I am twelve. Hokay, 16 I could understand, but twelve? Really? Prepubescent?
- 96 year-old woman: "Well you're not Mormon are you?!" Me: "Yes, I am." Woman: stares flabbergasted at me for a good five seconds then " Well, that's alright. Mormons have got to eat and breathe too, I guess." Uhhhh, I agree?
- 1016 unread messages in my gmail inbox. How does this happen to me?!


-The aforementioned dead woman died. She really needed to. She was quite old and lonely and very sick.
- Finding a second job with flexible hours and better pay: $10 an hour. GUYS I WILL BE PAID A WHOLE TEN DOLLARS AN HOUR. Am I in demand or what?
- Dropped my cell phone in the toilet...BUT after three days sealed in a rice bag it lives again! Never thought I would relate the Resurrection to my cell phone.
- Alexa graduated from high school! That woman is going places, peeps. Namely college.
- Rediscovering my love of country music. Yes, I would love to take a ride on your big, red tractor.
- Finishing my first two necklaces and bracelet. Take a gander, friends. Soon I will be a jewelry buff.

They're nothing much yet but don't you worry. I've just spent an absurd amount of money on ebay for supplies!