Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Name Game

I've been considering whether or not I should change my name. . .but ya know,  not really.

Part of me really likes my last name. Landon. It's phonetic, in the middle of the alphabet, and doesn't hint of some trashy celebrity. It has always made me feel like a part of a whole, one of the Landon clan. I imagine keeping it would be kinda chic and different and maybe a tinsy bit feminist, like a statement of "I know who I am and this is it." Feminism carries so many bad connotations, none of which I really mean. I don't really mean to say that taking his last name would encourage male oppression of the female population. 

Having said that, I've been pretty sensitive to gender discrimination lately. I think it's a phase but I can't be sure. Gender discrimination still exists, did you know that? Women still get paid less than men for performing the same job. So your "make me a sandwich jokes" aren't really funny. 

 Sorry. Rant.

Anyway, Carter doesn't know that I have been thinking of keeping my last name. We talked about it and I told him I would take Davis. And I will, despite my musings, because in the end presenting a united front and working in unity with my husband is most important . . . maybe we can hyphenate? (just kidding, Carter)

P.S. You can read more stories on last name decisions at The Last Name Project.