Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Love

My little sister, Alexa, truly is a godsend to my money-poor, photography-loving self. She has a natural talent  that cannot be denied and that I will wake up at 5 a.m. to sneak into an orchard and take pictures. Bless her talented heart.

These were all taken on a nice DSLR camera and then edited on my phone because I'm swag like that. Or because Photoshop is now a subscription service that I can't/won't pay for. Can anyone recommend a good, intuitive editing app for Mac?


  1. SO CUTE! I wanna touch your belly too!!!

  2. Perfection! I was wondering about the editing thing too! I love my camera, but absolutely refuse to pay for photoshop...mostly because it's almost as much as my rent. haha! I once found this amazing photo editing program for Mac's and it was $1,000 dollars. It make me so uncomfortable that I couldn't stop laughing. #DontGotNoDollaBillsYo

  3. You are such a beautiful pregnant person! Which makes sense because you are beautiful all the time. I am so excited to see your cutie soon!!!